Nashville Songbird Inked for New TV Series

Melva Lee Signed by Dreamstreet Studios for Role in TV Pilot of “Chameleon”

Houston, TX – While most of us know Melva Lee through her albums and performances, Executive Producer Donn Kizzee recognized Melva’s multi-talent ability when he cast her in the music video of  “What’s Become Of The Brokenhearted”.   “Not only is she a fine singer,” said Kizzee, “she surprised us with her acting ability and being able to handle the emotional nuisances.”

When Kizzee  and director Gary Griffin of the new hour-long urban-drama “Chameleon” were discussing who they would cast in the role of a nightclub singer who becomes embroiled in an undercover FBI operation, “Melva just seemed like the natural choice,” said Donn.  Production is scheduled to begin later this year, in Houston.

Melva’s fans and audiences will be able to see Melva in action on Colours TV in the U.S., and in Europe on M3 Satellite Network.

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